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Meeting for MBIRA lover The site where Japanese mbira lovers gather. They hold mbira practice parties. Event information is particularly abundant! Because there are scores and MIDI samples of mbira music in the "mbira classroom," it is a useful site to learn mbira alone.
Ease Sound

The website of the bamboo flute player "Tuyoki Fukui". He does not only play solo performance, he also collaborates with other ethnic musical instruments. His music is both strong and delicate and has a Japanese heart. (some English)

Salon de AManTO Once a private house, the concept cafe Amant it has been made into "the park" where people gathered among quiet residential areas. Events such as live broadcasting or film screening, a music lectures and culture classrooms are held here. (English available)
Unofficial Thomas Mapfumo Page A fan site of Thomas Mapfumo by Mr.Hirage. Mapfumo gives an in depth contemplation of Zimbabwe.
KOH-TAO is a group that performs in places like Bali and Europe. Mr. BUN, the group's leader, makes kalimba out of coconut. In addition, he produces a gourd with fire.
Yudistira Sound Factory Traditional bamboo gamelan "Jegog" which comes from the Jembrana in western Bali. This is the website of the orchestra "Yudistira Sound Factory". (some English)
Siroco Leather Leather products made with handicrafts one by one. Their designs include both tribal and Japanese styles. In addition, they make exclusive mbira bags that you can order.
Gunji Suda Official Website Gunji Suda is the photographer who takes photos of giant stones that can be found in nature around the world. You can hear his mbira performance in slide shows he holds nationwide.


Mhumhi Records

A record label which specializes in mbira from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The site includes a precious sound source.

The MBIRA Organization

The official site of a non-profit organization dedicated to mbira run by Ms. Erica Azim in California. They CD's of performances by Zimbabwean mbira artists in the U.S.A. and Ms.Erica helps the artists by paying each artist royalties. She also holds workshops.

Virtual Museum

AFRICA - the land of the sound - Virtual Travel in the African Music :The English version of an Italian page introducing African culture and musical instruments. There is a Zimbabwean corner in the lower part of this page which includes mbira.


Zimbabwean Music Worldwide
The American site that covers not only mbira but various types of Zimbabwean music. Includes sound samples. CD's of Ms. Erica are also sold here.


An official site of "Zimbabwe Music Festival" performed every year in Portland in August.

The Herald A website of most popular news paper in Zimbabwe.



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